Why Bridge Below?

In an industry where accuracy is critical, find out why Bridge Below is the partner you need.


Its simple, we are automotive only. Our strict focus keeps us on top of the industry and allows us to not lose sight of key aftermarket data.


Our data is gathered in a series of highly evolved algorithms to ensure its the most accurate. We monitor commerce, fitment, images, brands, reviews and more.


What good is data if you can't properly analyze it? Our data analysis tools provide in-depth reporting and complete customization when needed.

Introducing "True View Audit"

Precision in Every Detail: Ensuring Your Automotive Listings' Accuracy and Compliance, Every Time.

In-Depth Data Analysis

Receive comprehensive audits of product listings, ensuring accuracy in price, title, fitment, attributes, images, and descriptions.

Transparent Scoring System

Benefit from our clear and actionable scoring method, rating each data aspect on a 5-point scale for unparalleled clarity and insight.

AI-Enhanced Reporting

Leverage advanced reports powered by our proprietary AI technology and analytics, offering critical insights and detailed comparisons for informed decision-making.

True View Audit is an indispensable tool for automotive part manufacturers seeking to ensure their products are represented accurately across e-commerce platforms. In a digital marketplace flooded with data, the integrity of product information is paramount. Incorrect listings not only affect sales but can also damage brand reputation and increase return rates. This is where True View Audit, powered by Bridge Below, steps in. Our sophisticated audit system delves into the nuances of your ACES and PIES data, comparing it against retailer listings for discrepancies. We provide you with thorough, AI-enhanced reports that not only score the accuracy of listings on a transparent scale but also offer actionable insights for immediate rectification. With True View Audit, brands gain a reliable partner in upholding data accuracy, optimizing e-commerce strategies, and solidifying consumer trust. Bridge the gap between data and truth with True View Audit, and ensure your product listings stand out for all the right reasons.


Retail Price Monitoring

Let Bridge Below help manage your pricing policies to include MAP or UPP reporting and enforcement.

Reporting & Enforcement

Daily and weekly reports with tools to enforce your policies.

SKU Management

Change and monitor your desired brands and SKUs on the fly.

Seller Information

Access 1000's of seller contact details.

MAP Monitoring, or Minimum Advertised Price Monitoring, is a vital strategy for brands to maintain their product value and brand reputation in the market. It involves tracking product prices across various online retailers and marketplaces to ensure adherence to the set minimum advertised price. In the era of e-commerce, where competition is often driven by price, MAP monitoring becomes significant in preventing unauthorized price reductions, maintaining stable margins, and building a strong brand identity. This is where Bridge Below comes into play. With our advanced software tools and solutions, we provide comprehensive MAP monitoring services, generating detailed reports in minutes. These reports offer brands an affordable and manageable solution to track pricing violations and ensure compliance, thereby creating a level playing field among retailers and allowing small and medium-sized online stores to compete more effectively.

MAP Monitoring

Data Services

Complete web extraction and analysis services for the automotive aftermarket. Just tell us what web data you need and let us take care of the rest.

One Time

One time delivery of requested web data set.


Daily, weekly, monthly delivery of accurate and reliable data, when you need it.


Tailor-made data solutions for business with specific requirements.

Bridge Below provides superior web data extraction services tailored for the aftermarket automotive marketplace. Our team is equipped to deliver reliable and accurate data, whether it's a single data point for reporting and tracking or a scheduled subscription. The data provided is timely, aiding in business-critical decisions. Bridge Below's services extend to various areas including product development, market research, price intelligence, lead generation, brand monitoring, and business automation. We extract high-quality product data from the web, provide insights on market trends, offer pricing data intelligence, generate smart leads, and ensure brand reputation protection online. Our services also help automate internal business processes, allowing for quick data movement across your business. With Bridge Below, you can focus on your core business while they handle the data possibilities.