Why Bridge Below?

In an industry where accuracy is critical, find out why Bridge Below is the partner you need.


Its simple, we are automotive only. Our strict focus keeps us on top of the industry and allows us to not lose sight of key aftermarket data.


Our data is gathered in a series of highly evolved algorithms to ensure its the most accurate. We monitor commerce, fitment, images, brands, reviews and more.


What good is data if you can't properly analyze it? Our data analysis tools provide in-depth reporting and complete customization when needed.

Retail Price Monitoring

Let Bridge Below help manage your pricing policies to include MAP or UPP reporting and enforcement.

Reporting & Enforcement

Daily and weekly reports with tools to enforce your policies.

SKU Management

Change and monitor your desired brands and SKUs on the fly.

Seller Information

Access and share 1000's of seller contact details.

Data Services

Complete web extraction and analysis services for the automotive aftermarket. Just tell us what web data you need and let us take care of the rest.

One Time

One time delivery of requested web data set.


Daily, weekly, monthly delivery of accurate and reliable data, when you need it.


Tailor-made data solutions for business with specific requirements.