Introducing True View Audit

In today's hyper-competitive e-commerce landscape, the accuracy of your automotive product listings is the linchpin of customer trust and sales conversion. True View Audit, a cutting-edge solution powered by Bridge Below, offers an unrivaled auditing system designed to safeguard the integrity of your ACES and PIES data across various online retailers. By diving deep into the specifics of price, title, fitment, attributes, images, and descriptions, we deliver not just transparency, but precision in every detail. Discover how True View Audit's proprietary technology, advanced analytics, and clear scoring system can empower your brand to drive sales, reduce return rates, and enhance brand reputation.

Some examples of how our new SaaS, True View Audit (TVA), leverages AI to benefit your brand:

  • Compares fitment data for accuracy, helping you identify missing or extraneous information.
  • Compares your primary product image with the retailer's to ensure accurate representation.
  • Identifies missing or incorrect product attributes in listings.
  • Verifies the inclusion of your 'Features and Benefits' on product pages.
  • Checks whether videos are utilized effectively to enhance product listings.


Why True View Audit

In an ecosystem where data drives decisions, the accuracy of your product information is paramount. Misinformation can derail customer trust and diminish sales opportunities, making True View Audit your essential partner in e-commerce success. Our system doesn't just identify discrepancies; it offers actionable insights, allowing for immediate rectification and optimization. Here's why True View Audit is indispensable for any forward-thinking brand

Data Integrity

Safeguard your brand's reputation with guaranteed listing accuracy.

Reduced Return Rates

Enhance customer satisfaction and reduce costly returns through precise information.

Competitive Advantage

Stay steps ahead in the market with impeccably maintained product data.

Features of True View Audit

True View Audit is engineered to provide a comprehensive, user-friendly experience while delivering profound insights into your product listings. Our features are tailored to meet the demands of manufacturers aiming for excellence in every product representation.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

Full-spectrum audits of all critical data points in your product listings.

Transparent Scoring

Understand the accuracy of your listings at a glance with our 5-point scoring system.

AI-Enhanced Reporting

Make informed decisions with reports powered by advanced, proprietary AI and analytics.

Seamless Issue Resolution

Receive detailed insights for immediate action on discrepancies.

Embrace the future of e-commerce with confidence. Experience precision, clarity, and peace of mind with every audit.

Start your journey with True View Audit today.