MAP Monitoring Software is a solution that helps brands and retailers monitor their products' prices across different online sellers. This software detects any violations of the minimum advertised price policy, allowing brands to take necessary enforcement actions. It's an affordable tool that saves brands a significant amount of time and resources.

Benefits of MAP Monitoring Software

MAP Monitoring Software offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it puts your brand's price positioning and image in your control. By monitoring your resellers, you can ensure that your products are not being sold at prices that could harm your brand's reputation.

It saves your valuable time for important decision-making. Instead of manually checking each seller's pricing, the software completes this task in minutes, providing you with comprehensive reports on any violations.

MAP Monitoring Software increases your sales. By ensuring that all sellers adhere to your pricing policy, you can maintain your product's perceived value and avoid price wars that could harm your sales.

How Does MAP Monitoring Software Work?

MAP Monitoring Software works in a few manageable steps. First, you input the details of your products and set the minimum advertised price for each one. Then, the software scans various online marketplaces, such as Amazon, to monitor the prices at which your products are being sold.

If the software detects a violation of your MAP policy, it instantly sends you a notification. You can then take the necessary steps to enforce your policy and rectify the violation.

Choosing the Right MAP Monitoring Software

When choosing a MAP Monitoring Software, consider its features, pricing, and the support it offers. For instance, Bridge Below is a highly-rated MAP Monitoring Software trusted by automotive brands and stores worldwide. It offers a 30-day free trial, and its pricing options are based on the number of products you need to track.

MAP Monitoring Software is an essential tool for any brand or retailer selling products online. It helps maintain your brand's image, saves time, and ultimately increases your sales.