Firestone Airide Authorization Dealer Application

Elevate your business with exclusive perks, top-tier products and unmatched support from the company that brings you The Original Air Spring. Please fill out this application form to apply for the authorized Firestone Airide Dealer Program. If approved, you will become part of a select network of retailers who receive first class service and a commitment of support that will allow us to grow together. The benefits from the program become increasingly stronger based on the level of commitment.

As a benefit of becoming an Authorized Dealer you will be added to the Firestone Airide Automotive Aftermarket “Where to Buy” list. To maintain the benefit of this revenue stream through your referral scheme, it’s important that you notify your Territory Manager of any changes to your address, phone number, URL and email address.

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Product availability is extremely important to provide the best experience to our customers. To receive the best possible service with regards to product availability & price, please could you share the details of your current suppliers.



Firestone’s MAP price policy is non-negotiable and Firestone will not discuss any condition of acceptance relating to the policy. If you have read this policy... Check This Box.
Firestone Airide’s terms and conditions are non-negotiable, and Firestone Airide will not discuss any condition of acceptance relating to the policy. If you have read and accept this policy, Check This Box.


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