As part of Firestone Industrial Products Company’s ongoing effort to ensure end users purchase Airide products only from Authorized Resellers or Retailers capable of delivering appropriate sales, support, and service to their customers, we’re proud to announce the implementation of the Firestone Authorized Retailer Program. All retailers are required to complete the Authorized Retailer registration process in order to be considered for Firestone Authorized Retailer status. As part of the registration process, each retailer will sign up to the Firestone Authorized Retailer Terms and Conditions. This Firestone Authorized Retailer Program is part of a multi-tiered strategy to identify, target and suppress unauthorized activity.

• Recognition as a Firestone Authorized Retailer on the Firestone website and inclusion in the “Where to Buy List”
• Permission to purchase Firestone products from Firestone Authorized Resellers
• Authorization to use appropriate Firestone trademarks and logos
• Access to Jobber price files and technical bulletins
• Receive authorized retailer logo

In order to be added to the Ride-Rite “Where to Buy” list and stay on the list, you are required to maintain your information such as address, phone number, and URL.

Firestone Airide Products Authorization Form

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Approval Required

Firestone’s MAP price policy is non-negotiable and Firestone will not discuss any condition of acceptance relating to the policy. If you have read this policy, Check This Box.